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New Speedster Runabout

Take a look at the newest addition to the Dale’s Wheels Through Time collection, a Boat-tail Speedster Cycle-car. The car was built around 1925 by Chrysler Motor Company founder Walter P. Chrysler for his son Jack. The museum acquired the machine from its 3rd owner, who purchased it from an art dealer in Hershey, PA. The art dealer was the one who originally purchased the car from Jack Chrysler. Matt has been after this machine for a little while, and for good reason. Powered by a 1922 Harley-Davidson J model engine with a 1915 Harley transmission, the machine fits perfectly with the museum’s collection and will make a great mate to the Harley JDH powered Monopoly car.
The car hasn’t been run in several decades, so follow along as Matt introduces the machine, many of its unique details, and then see what it takes to get it running.

June 3, 2021