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Preserving our nation’s motorcycle history has never been so important!

What would become Wheels Through Time Museum started in a dirt floor garage in Glenn Elyn, Illinois, when Dale Walksler restored his first motorcycle. Flash forward 52 years and
Wheels Through Time has become a benchmark in American Motorcycle preservation since its founding in Maggie Valley, North Carolina, in 2002.

Now in its twentieth year, the Museum is growing faster than ever imagined, and now we need your help!

Our dream has been to preserve the most important parts of American motorcycle history and culture and share them with our visitors from around the world. With a view to the future, we look to expand the current facility to continue to enhance the visitor experience. In order to do so, we must retrofit our existing facility with a fire suppression system.

The cost of this system is estimated at $300,000, and we’re asking YOU to help join the cause.




$15,000 – Granvil Tracy

$7,000 – Birt Miskell

$5,000 – Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Murphy

$5,000 – Les & Jean Bitting

$5,000 – Trish Walksler

$5,000 – Curt and Sue Billings

$5,000 – Matt Walksler

$2,500 – Greg Hrutkay

$2,500 – John & Mary Jane Traub

$1,600 – Dale Crisp

$1,500 – Lifetime Donor 101

$1,500 – Mike Andis

$1,250 – Scott Trent

$1,001 – Tom Perry

$1,000 – Linda Woodrow

$1,000 – Curtis Venable

$1,000 – Tim and Frankie Singleton

$1,000 – Mark Pierce

$1,000 – Michael Just

$1,000 – Scott Coryell

$1,000 – Jeff Saathoff

$1,000 – Allan Ryan Bassett

$1,000 – Michael Power

$1,000 – Paul Hunt

$1,000 – Phillip Harris

$1,000 – Jim and Marcia Sims

$1,000 – Stan Makowski

$1,000 – Gary Brace

$1,000 – Tony and Wanda Briley



$50 Wheels Are Moving


$100 You are making a difference


$500 Personal Video Message

You’ll receive a personal thank you from Matt and the crew at Wheels Through Time.


$1000 Hit the Leader Board

We will feature your name or the name of your business on the Leader Board on our social media platforms and on the end screen of our YouTube and Facebook videos, and we will lay a burnout down the main aisle at WTT in your honor. Your Name will also go on a plaque in the Museum recognizing your support


$5000 Shoutout in Video

We will shout out your name or your business’s name in one of our videos on YouTube and Facebook. Your Name will also go on a plaque in the Museum recognizing your support. *Be sure to leave some details in the notes at checkout telling us who you are.*


$20,000 VIP tour, flight, hotel,

We will fly you out to the Museum for a VIP tour that will include 2 nights of accommodations, an in-depth look at the Museum and the WTT Restorations shop with Matt and the crew, along with dinner, and maybe you’ll get a ride in a vintage machine! Your Name will also go on a plaque in the Museum recognizing your support.


$50,000 Be in an upcoming video, shop time, behind the scenes.

We will fly you to the Museum for a VIP experience that will include 2 nights of accommodations, a hands-on day where you will go back into the WTT Restoration shop to be a part of a current WTT project, and be featured in an upcoming Youtube and Facebook video. Your Name will also go on a plaque in the Museum recognizing your support.


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WHEELS THROUGH TIME MUSEUM DOCUMENTATION REQUIREMENTS OF CHARITABLE DONATIONS/ SPONSORSHIP IRS regulations require a charitable organization to provide a written disclosure statement to donors of donations of $250 or more. It is the policy of Wheels Through Time Museum to provide all donors of $250 or more with a written acknowledgment of their donation within 30 days of receipt of the donation. The written acknowledgment to substantiate the charitable contribution of $250 or more shall include the following: 1) Name of organization ( Wheels Through Time Museum). 2) Amount of the contribution. 3) Description( but not value) of a non-cash contribution 4) Statement that no goods or services were provided by Wheels Through Time Museum if that is the case. 5)If any provided, a description and good faith estimate of the value of goods or services that Wheels Through Time Museum provided in connection with the contribution. QUID PRO QUO IRS regulations require a charitable organization to provide a written disclosure statement to donors of a Quid Pro Quo contribution in excess of $75. A Quid Pro Quo contribution is a payment made to a charity by a donor, partly as a contribution and partly for goods or services provided to the Donor by the charity. For example, if a donor gives a charity $500 and receives an admission ticket valued at $100, the Donor has made a Quid Pro Quo contribution. In this example, the deductible portion of the contribution is $400. The charity is required to provide the Donor with a written statement which: 1) Informs the Donor that the amount of the contribution that is deductible for federal income purposes is limited to the excess of the value of any contribution by the Donor over the value of the foods or services provided by the charity AND 2) Provide the Donor with a good faith estimate of the value of the goods and services that the Donor received. NO DISCLOSURE IS REQUIRED WHEN 3) The goods or services given to a donor meets the standard for insubstantial value or 4) There is no donative intent involved on the part of the Donor. I. E. someone who purchases an item from the gift shop INSUBSTANTIAL VALUE Wheels Through Time Museum considers a benefit to be insubstantial or a disregarded benefit if the goods or services provided to the Donor if purchased on the open market would be less than 2% of the donors or sponsorship payment or if the services provided were provided at no additional out of pocket costs by the Museum to the Donor. I.E., the Donor was provided with an exclusive guided tour of the Museum, and/or after the tour, the Donor was provided with a museum souvenir tee-shirt costing less than 2% of the donation. REQUEST FOR TESTIMONIALS As part of the Wheels Through Time Museum marketing and funds solicitation program, the Museum may request that selected donors provide video testimonials of their on-site experiences at the Museum and their support of the mission of the Museum. For those donors selected who agree to provide written disclosures allowing the Museum to use and distribute their video testimonials to the general public, the Museum will cover the cost of travel expenses or provide reimbursement of documented travel expenses in accordance with IRS Per Diem guidelines to the selected donors. Any reimbursement for travel expenses must be supported with receipts and have prior approval by the management of Wheels Through Time Museum.

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The museum focuses entirely on American made motorcycles, from well-known names such as Harley-Davidson and Indian to more obscure companies such as Excelsior, Thor, Wagner, the one-off Traub, often dubbed the “World’s Rarest Motorcycle” and more. In addition to the motorcycles, there are unusual homemade mechanized creations and one of the nation’s largest collections of memorabilia, accessories, and parts.

Started by Museum Founder Dale Walksler in 1969 in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, the collection moved to Mt. Vernon Illinois in 1977 where it was housed at the Harley-Davidson dealership founded by Dale.  As the collection matured it became obvious the potential for a truly incredible museum was at hand. In 2002, the collection moved to its present location in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. A 501c3 not-for-profit status was attained, and Wheels Through Time was on its way to preserving forever a most unique aspect of our American history.


Other Ways To Contribute

Our Annual Raffle

This year’s Raffle Bike is the stunning 1936 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead. Finished in HD Factory Custom Gold, trimmed in Brilliant Black, and hand-striped with chrome accents. This 61c.i. OHV Knucklehead powerhouse sports a 4-speed transmission, art deco styling with full fenders, iconic “skull” dash, and 100 mph speedo. Plus, a list of one-year-only parts too numerous to mention. The machine was meticulously restored to showroom condition in the WTT Restoration shop, and it is ready to go home with one lucky winner in 2024!

Wheels Through Time Donorship

Have you heard about our Lifetime Donorship program? With exclusive perks like lifetime admission for you and 3 guests, discounts on gift shop purchases, and special donor events, it’s a great way to become a special part of the Wheels Through Time family.

Dale's Channel

Step inside the Wheels Through Time Restoration Shop with Dale and the team. History, restoration, and rebuilds, they’ll all be right at your fingertips with a subscription to Dale’s Channel.