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America’s Rarest

Featured Bikes

Indian Motor

Museum founder Dale Walksler believes that this machine was built and owned by none other than Mr. Oscar Hedstrom himself - inventor and creator of the Indian Motorcycle.  This machine features nearly two of everything, with all parts, engineering, and design being unique to this particular bike.

Flescher Flyer

This “one-off” machine was
built by Louis Flescher of
Omaha, Nebraska.  In all,
Flescher made five models,
including this rare machine.
Perhaps the most interesting
features of the Flescher Flyer
are the “working footboard”
used for clutch, brake, and
the 61 cubic inch deluxe

1912 Thor

This 1912 Thor was purchased by museum founder Dale Walksler at the Lee Hartung Estate sell.  Dale had admired this bike from a distance for many years.  This machine is believed to be formerly owned by William Ottaway, chief engineer and head of racing department for Thor.  Harley-Davidson hired William in 1913.


Found behind a brick wall in a Chicago apartment building in 1967, the Traub was discovered during the building’s renovation. To this date, the machines origin remains a mystery. Its builder, and its history may never be known, making the Traub one of the rarest motorcycles in the world.

The Dayton

The Dayton Motorcycle was made by the Davis Sewing Machine Company in Dayton, Ohio.  This unique Dayton is a one of a kind, with its flexible sidecar, electic light, and horn. Also, this machine features a two speed transmission. It is displayed in as-found original condition.


Board Track America

The first board track built for motorcycle racing opened in 1909 in Los Angeles...

The Chopper Graveyard

It did not take long for individuals to often modify their machines to a new level...

45's Forever

The Pre-War Harley 45 is a dominant force is motorcycle class C racing...

The Hillclimb Hill

As the glory days of American board track racing faded, American Hillclimbing became...

Americas Rarest

The rarest bike on earth are here at Wheels Through Time and...

American Restoration

This area is Dales cornucopia of rare, unusual, exquisite, bizarre but always...

The "Swim Shop"

The glory days of the Harley Davidson dealer in the late 1940’s and early 50’s...

American Racer

Class-C was intended to foster amateur racing and to discourage factory...

The Fabulous Fours

The story of the four cylinder motorcycle in America lasted a short 33 years...

Military Might

Before WW1 both Harley Davidson and Indian were involved in the production of...

1936 Style & Function

The man who led the design of both the Knucklehead and the improved Side Valve engine...

Home Made America

Throughout the 20th Century, various home-made machines were invented within the...

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