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Harley “45s”

Featured Bikes

The Woolery

The Woolery Bullet is the centerpiece of the Harley 45 collection. This machine is a one of a kind bike, built for the Woolery family in Minneapolis in about 1933. The bike was found in Dilaptiated condition, and was restored by museum founder Dale Walksler in 1997. Subsequently, finding full documentation from the Harley Davidson Motor Company.

Post-War Harley

The Post-War collection of 45’s at Wheels Through Time is complete from 1944-1952. Many of these examples are displayed in as-found, original condition. The remainder have been meticulously restored. Especially important within this collection is the series of WLD models from 1940-1942. Also including a very rare 1944 WLH- a unique one of a kind machine.

Pre-War Harley

The Pre-War Harley 45 is a dominant force is motorcycle class C racing. The collection of pre-war 45’s at Wheels Through Time span 1929-1939, with many unique models in original condition.