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Lifetime Donorship


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Have you ever wondered what it takes to sustain a legacy? The answer is people just like you.
In 2016, our Founder Dale Walksler introduced our Lifetime Donorship program to help sustain the long-term growth of the museum and the ongoing effort to educate our visitors on the history of the American Motorcycle. The program opens a way for you to move from a casual observer to an active participant.
By becoming a Donor, you become a special part of the museum family, and your generous gift ensures that the museum’s vision, passion, and mission moves forward year after year.


*No discount or coupons can be applied to order Donorships*
Payment options are available for our Donorship.
-The Lifetime Donorship is stretched over 4 payments and a down payment
-The Legacy Donorship is stretched over 4 payments and a down payment
-The Legend Donorship is Stretched over 4 payments and a down payment
The Shipping and Framing will be added upon your last payment.

The Wheels Through Time Museum will sweep you back in time with its magnificent presentation of vintage all-American motorcycles and automobiles.