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1936 VEL


Inspired by his father, Dale sets out to build one of his most unique machines yet — the ’36 VEL.

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Since childhood, Wheels Through Time Museum curator, Dale Walksler, has developed a love for two wheels unparallel to that of most peoples’ wildest dreams. Inspiring motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the world, Walksler brings together the elements of fire and the wheel to create some of the most spectacular vintage American iron on the planet.

Join the Time Machine, as Dale tells you about his inspiration–his father, Bernard Walksler. Follow Dale through 19 shows on the build of one of his most exciting builds yet, as he combines his affection, respect and admiration to create a machine as Real School as it gets — the 1936 VEL.

The Wheels Through Time Museum will sweep you back in time with its magnificent presentation of vintage all-American motorcycles and automobiles.