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Bring ‘Em Back To Life


Join Dale and the crew at Wheels Through Time as they take three rare vintage machines and Bring ‘Em Back To Life!!!

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Imagine walking into an old barn and finding a ninety year old motorcycle just waiting for the right person to come along and bring it roaring back to life.  Join Dale Walksler and his crew at Wheels Through Time as they bring three rare classic motorcycles from their quiet resting places back to their former glory.

A 1949 Panhead, rusting away on a back porch rises back to life, almost overnight.  A 1931 Harley-Davidson flathead goes from a garage to screaming down an airstrip at Maxton, NC in a matter of days. And a 1913 Henderson four-cylinder, found in a barn, again cruises the roads as it did almost 100 years ago.

Join Dale and the crew at Wheels Through Time as they Bring ‘Em Back To Life.

The Wheels Through Time Museum will sweep you back in time with its magnificent presentation of vintage all-American motorcycles and automobiles.