Temporarily Closed | Opening Date TBD 828-926-6266

2020 Season Opening Update

On July 14th, the North Carolina Governor’s Office extended the “Phase 2” closures for another three weeks, stretching into August. Although the North Carolina Governor has allowed restaurants, swimming pools, and summer camps to open, he will not allow museums to open under “Phase 2”. Unfortunately, because of these continued extensions, we do not have a definitive opening date at this time. We apologize for the long delay in opening this year and look forward to seeing you all as soon as we can.

We encourage all of our museum supporters to contact the NC Governor’s Office and ask that museums be allowed to open under “Phase 2.” You can reach their office at (919)-814-2000 (option #3) or https://governor.nc.gov/contact-governor-cooper

Earlier this year, we introduced our online fundraiser, “Drive For History,” which brings video content to the public through the museum’s website, social media, and YouTube. Each video takes you into the museum and its exhibits for an up-close look at the machines, the people, and the history that sets the Wheels Through Time Museum apart. “The Drive For History” continues through the summer. The all-new content and information on how to contribute can be viewed at driveforhistory.com .

We ask you to consider supporting the museum through our online gift shop, raffle tickets for the 1939 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead, or by joining our Lifetime Donor program.

We cannot say “Thank You” enough to all of you; it’s only through your continued support that we remain “The Museum That Runs.”

The Wheels Through Time Museum will sweep you back in time with its magnificent presentation of vintage all-American motorcycles and automobiles.